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Welcome to sound_of_drums. This community is open to those people who want to write Doctor Who fic, but have had trouble finding a community for it. There are ten different tables. Each table has 50 prompts, so it shouldn’t be that hard to complete.


1. First things first, check here to see if your claim has been taken. That can be done here

2. Choose what pairing you may want from either the doctor who, Sarah Jayne Adventures or torchwood fandom’s.

3. You can take any characters from these shows and pair them up with Ray Barnett (for example). You can cross the characters from these shows with anyone of your choosing – just don’t use OC’s.

4. You can claim up to three tables at a time, but try to write from all three. Don’t just write from one until that’s finished and start on the next table that is a part of what you have claimed.

5. Any other questions that need to asked or answered go here


There are ten tables. Each of these tables have fifty prompts. The tables can be found here .

Posting Rules

1. Please make sure that you use the correct rating for your fic.

G - No sex, violence or offensive material.

PG - A very small bit of violence and language.

PG-13 - May contain moderate violence and some stronger language, but nothing too graphic. Sexual themes may be implied, but are not explicit.

R - May contain strong language, heavy violence, or some heavier sexual content.

NC-17 - Absolutely for adults only. Likely contains extreme violence, strong language and/or explicit sexual content.

2. All posts to the community should be as follows.

3. Poor spelling and bad grammar is often my downfall. So try to use spell check that is on word and live journal.

4. The Fic’s must be above 100 words. Anything longer than 150 words must be placed behind an Lj-cut. There is no maximum word limit.

5. When it comes to deciding which prompt you want to write from the table you have chosen, just pick whatever happens to inspire you at the time.

Unable To Continue with the Claim

If you feel that you are unable to continue or your muse has gone on vacation, don’t worry. There is no real time limit on any claim, but if you choose to drop your claim go here


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